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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 4/5] pciback: user-space quirks policy

On 17 Jul 2006, at 20:15, Chris wrote:

The attached patch contains two policy files written in what is intended
to be human-readable SXP.

A few comments on the format:

 1. Instead of having xend-pci-permissive.sxp empty, could you:
        # 'XXXX:XX:XX.X'
This would simplify the header comment as no need to have separate explanation for empty file.

2. It's a bit weird that xend-pci-quirks.sxp identifies devices by vendor/device ids, but xend-pci-permissive.sxp identifies by slot. Could the latter also identify by vendor/device ids -- after all, the need to be in the list is a property of the device, not its position on the PCI bus. This would also allow us to add devices to this list in a way that's portable across systems (an idea I'm sure you hate ;-).

3. Can we define the identifier format as <vendor>:<device>[:<subvendor>:<subdevice>]. The sub-details ffff:ffff crop up rather a lot and it'd be neater to be able to make that a default if that section of the identifier string isn't present.

Apart from that, as far as I can tell you parse the config files whenever a PCI device is bound to a domain. You pick out matching entries and poke them down to pciback via sysfs. All seems sensibel to me. Is there a way of reading out from sysfs the quirks and 'permissive status' for a particular device (or all devices)? That could be handy.


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