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Re: [Xen-devel] Synchronisation between a Linux dom0 and a hvm Windows guest

Quentin Garnier wrote:

So right now I'm looking for idea to synchronise the two domains that
wouldn't cost me too much in terms of latency.  Getting rid of the
caching issue that seems to be part of the problem would be a start, but
I really lack ideas and I don't really know where to hack to do that in
Linux.  A better way would of course to use Xen to have the relevant
pages explicitely set dirty before reading them in Linux, and something
mostly equivalent in Windows.

Anyone can point to something to start with?

Have you tried simply using IP? Networking is pretty fast between domain 0 and other domains on the same hardware. If you use a pair of tcp sockets synchronization is handled for you.

Of course I'm assuming that you are exchanging data by passing messages via the shared memory. Not sure if that is your actual application. Also, you don't mention your latency and performance requirements.


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