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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH][ACM] kernel enforcement of vbd policies via blkback driver

> So basically, the xenstore++ is in a stripped down secured domain and
> someone with role-based access privileges communicates with xenstore++
> to connect a resource to a domain.  Xenstore++ checks the permissions
> and sets up the connection where the protocol description to use is an
> attribute of the resource class.  The protocol is policed and if it's
> violated then either the resource provider (BE) or consumer (FE) or both
> get blown away.
> There can be generic mechanisms in xenstore++ for colouring resources
> and grouping roles etc to do fancy MAC stuff.
> ...or something like that.
> Harry.

Hmm... this is not how I see xenstore today. Did you discuss what it takes to implement the "++"?
(especially the part where you suggest moving xenstore in its on secured domain sounds very interesting)

Would this be a non-intrusive change to Xen?

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