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[Xen-devel] Multiple PVM consoles

A colleague of mine asked this question on xen-users, but it may be more of
a developer question.  We need to make multiple independent console
connections to a paravirtualized VM (not 2 windows sharing a single
console), and without using the network (no telnet or ssh solutions).
Searching the archives I've found about 6 threads discussing this, among

This one, which says it was on the roadmap for versions 2 and/or 3:
> Currently, each PV guest is allowed just a single virtual serial 
> console device. Although once we have PV framebuffer support (and 
> associated virtual terminals) virtual serial console support will be 
> less important, it would still be nice to support multiple consoles 
> per guest. This should be relatively straight forward, requiring 
> updates to the console frontend driver, xenconsoled, and the tools.
> ...
> 2/3   & linux         & support for multiple virtual serial consoles

And these, opening the possibility of 2 consoles (on the paravirt
framebuffer and on a virtual serial port):

Can anyone tell me if and when it will be possible to get 2 independent
consoles into a paravirtualized guest?  Or will the kernel always have only
one input/output stream, resulting in behavior similar to the "multiple
windows to a shared console" scenario we have now?


 - Steve

Stephen Brueckner, ATC-NY

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