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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/3] dump-core take 5

The following patchset is the dump-core take 5.
It changes its format into ELF, adds PFN-GMFN/PFN table, HVM support,
and IA64 support.

If those patches are acceptable, I'll work on xc_ptrace_core.c.
Opinions? Does anyone already work on it?

Changes from take 4
- IA64 support
- dump shared_info if possible

[PATCH 1/3] dump-core take 5: hvm domain: set shared_info.arch.max_pfn
[PATCH 2/3] dump-core take 5: compilation fix which the next patch breaks
[PATCH 3/3] dump-core take 5: elf formatify and added PFN-GMFN table

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