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Re: [Xen-devel] xensource (pci) device id's?

Keir Fraser wrote:
> On 1/2/07 15:45, "Gerd Hoffmann" <kraxel@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> kbd->name = "Xen Virtual Keyboard";
>> + kbd->id.bustype = BUS_PCI;
>> + kbd->id.vendor  = 0x5853; /* XenSource, Inc. */
>> + kbd->id.product = 0x0002;
>> ptr->name = "Xen Virtual Pointer";
>> + ptr->id.bustype = BUS_PCI;
>> + ptr->id.vendor  = 0x5853; /* XenSource, Inc. */
>> + ptr->id.product = 0x0003;
> Instead of faking out PCI device ids, which is kinda bogus, can you match in
> the X config file based on the string(s) in {kbd,ptr}->{name,phys,uniq}?
> That'd be nicer than pulling random id numbers out of the air.

You can match name, phys, bustype, vendor, product and version.  Thus a
string in phys should work.  "xenbus/" + nodename maybe?

Nevertheless I think some vendor and product id would be nice, usb hid
devices are usually identified using these two, so having something
useful filled in makes things easier ...


Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@xxxxxxx>

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