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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH] [XEND] Xen-API support for ACM

On Fri, Jan 26, 2007 at 10:56:42AM -0500, Stefan Berger wrote:

> This patch is adding initial Xen-API support for the sHype access
> control module so that functionality that can be reached via 'xm'
> commands can also be reached using the Xen-API. 
> This patch adds a security_label to the VM class, which is to be set
> when ACM is enabled. Access control to the block interface is now
> enforced in blkif.py and denied if the system's policy does not allow a
> VM to access a block interface.
> Future patches will extend this part of the Xen-API and lib-xen and
> provide (latex) documentation.
> The module is designed to also support other policies than ACM when they 
> become available.

Have you had any feedback on this work from those involved with XSM?  I'd
rather not drop anything into the 1.0 Xen-API without a wider review, because
I know that there's a lot of working going on in this area, and I wouldn't
want to lock XSM out of the API by accident.

In fact, this seems like something that would be ideal to present at the next
Xen Summit, so that we can strengthen the API in this area before we declare
it stable and supported.  Do you have any plans in that regard?

As a general principle, I've pared down the 1.0 API to the things that we're
really very sure about, because this is going to be an API that we maintain
at the wire-level over the long term.  I'm not convinced that this patch meets
that criterion, and would be a lot more comfortable once it's had some wider
review within the community.

Don't worry about missing the "1.0 deadline" as it were -- there are plenty of
features that haven't made it in, and we're actively working to ensure that
clients will be able to make use of new features when they become available.



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