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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/4] domain heap allocator changes

In order to (longer term) constrain 32-bit pv domains running on 64-bit hv to
physical memory addresses it can actually control (namely use the m2p map
on) without also limiting the amount (and range) of memory accessible to
64-bit domains, the following four patches will change the allocator so that
a per-domain address size restriction can be established.

A positive side effect of this is that there no longer is a need to constrain
DMA addresses to 30 bits (there's not going to be a DMA heap anymore),
as by default memory will now be allocated from addresses above the DMA
boundary (which is now purely for determining within what range memory
should, if at all, be reserved, but not to artificially limit I/O-capable in 
memory they are permitted to request), and could go away entirely if there
wasn't the need to set aside some sufficiently low-address memory for the
dom0 swiotlb), so setting the boundary to the more conventional 32 bits
will still result in more constrained allocations to succeed (as long as there's
memory meeting the constraint).

All patches have only been tested on x86.


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