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[Xen-devel] conditions for the db4/nptl bug?

Hi *,

i run several CentOS4 systems as xen3 domU, and all of them suffer from
the well-known-to-this-list db4/nptl bug:


so that i needed to rebuild db4 to make cyrus-imapd work. But a member
of the centos devel ML reported that he has no problem at all running
cyrus-imapd. Our setups are almost identical (dom0=FC6, xen-3.0-x86_32p,
domU=CentOS-4.4 with kernel-xenU-2.6.9-* from Jason Baron), and the only
difference we found was the CPU: my systems all run on intel, his on
amd. That made us curious:

Does - on 32bit systems - the db4/nptl bug depend on the CPU? The
feature "syscall" is only present on the amd CPU, is there a relation?

(i hope my question is not too silly ;)


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