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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] pypxeboot bootloader


At 14:27 +0000 on 08 Feb (1170944860), Stephen Childs wrote:
> Yes that all needs tidying up. Unfortunately the version of tftp I was 
> using didn't actually support "get <remote-file> <local-file>" as 
> advertised which I was initially going to use.


> I'll have to download to 
> the filename supplied by the server then move to a tmpfile.

How about a wrapper function that mkdirs a new randomly named
directory, does the tftp in there, and then moves the file to the
destination path and rmdirs the temp dir?

> On the subject of removing files yes of course I'll remove the config 
> files. Comparing with pygrub, that seems to leave kernels and initrds 
> clogging up /var/lib/xen, and I suppose I'll end up doing the same. I 
> suppose you could set up tmpwatch to clean it up, but it still seems a bit 
> messy.

The kernel and initrd files are actually deleted by Xend after it has
used them to boot the domain.  Somewhere way out on my todo/wish-list is
plumbing the kernel/initrd through pipes and buffers, or open fds on
unlinked files or some such...

> Expect a new patch soon ...

Great; thanks for that.  



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