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Re: [Xen-devel] EPS Signature

On 11/2/07 23:39, "Kaushik Barde" <Kaushik_Barde@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> gdt_table  = get_cpu_gdt_table(cpu);
> l_entry_ma = virt_to_bus(&(gdt_table[l_Request.entryNum]));
> l_desc_64  = *( (u64 *) &l_Desc);

This should be fine, assuming gdt_table is a normal kernel virtual address
(e.g., returned by kmalloc()). I/O memory is a different matter in Xen, in
that virt_to_bus() won't work. In fact the same restriction holds in native
Linux as well (I/O memory shouldn't be virt_to_bus()ed).

 -- Keir

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