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RE: [Xen-devel] Xen Scalability Testing

Hi Ian,

We've been able to try the scalability test again using Win2k3 guests.
We're using the same configuration as before (16 cores, 64GB, SLES10,
HVMs on san 1-per-lun), but we rebuilt with unstable changeset 13826. We
tried the test a number of times, starting with a fresh boot of the
ES7000 Xen environment, and each time we are only able to start 116
guests before the system becomes unresponsive.

For each test we have 3 putty sessions open to the host - one running
the start script, one running 'top', and one running 'xm top'. Our
script tries to start as many guests as possible, sequentially, with a 5
second sleep between starts. 116 guest domains successfully start and
then the system becomes unresponsive - the putty sessions become
disconnected, and we can no longer ping dom0. However, the serial
console responds to the ctrl-a sequence and we are able to obtain data.

The attached files serportHVM116aInfo.txt and serportHVM116bInfo.txt
show the serial port information from 2 separate tests, obtained after
the system became unresponsive. Xen boot information is provided in
serportBoot.txt, and the text from the putty sessions (at the time they
become disconnected) is attached as puttyHVM116.txt.


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> We've been able to start 200 guest domains under SLES10 and Xen
> In one test we successfully started 200 hardware-virtualized Win2003 
> domains, and in a separate test we successfully started 200 para- 
> virtualized SLES10 domains. In both tests, after 200 guests, the host 
> system became unresponsive - no errors were displayed on the serial 
> console, and 'top' and 'xm top' sessions showed that sufficient memory
> still available.

Odd. Is the dom0 pingable? Have you got a serial console on the machine?
If so, hit ctrl-a three times, then 'q' and 'r' a few times and post the


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