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RE: [Xen-devel] EFI guest firmware for xen-ia64: where to put thesources ?

> until recently, the hvm guest firmware for xen-ia64 was a private
> file owned and delivered by Intel.
> I have written an open-source implementation based on tianocore.org.
> The ia64 firmware is roughly speaking EFI.  I have also ported
tianocore to
> Qemu/x86.  It shouldn't be hard to port it to x86.
> Because the sources are big (at least 40MB) and the buildery is not
> (build tools are java-based), I don't think it should be included in
> Xen repository like the x86 firmware.
> I'd propose to create a new mercurial tree.  Are there better ideas ?

That sounds like a decent solution. If you send an initial repo tar ball
and an ssh key we can get this up on xenbits. What would be a good repro
name? ia64-vfirmware.hg ?


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