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[Xen-devel] xenbus_backend_client.c / xenbus_client.c merger

Although I don't know the full history, it looks like at some point
linux-2.6-xen-sparse/drivers/xen/xenbus/xenbus_backend_client.c was
created to hold "backend only" code that would otherwise be in

However, the code in xenbus_backend_client.c isn't currently specific to
the backend - it just happens to be that no frontends use it.  At least
that's how it looks to me.

A frontend I'm working on (and have submitted here as a patch a few
times) does use this "backend only" code.  In particular the
xenbus_map_ring family of functions.  I would therefore like to move
this from xenbus_backend_client.c into xenbus_client.c.  This would
leave xenbus_backend_client.c containing just xenbus_dev_is_online()
which also looks potentially useful to a frontend, and so I propose
moving that too and then removing the xenbus_backend_client.c file

Does anyone have any comments on this change?  I'm happy to submit a
patch for it (e.g. see attached).  In particular, if anyone is aware of
the reason for this code split that would be interesting as I like to
understand things I'm changing!

Functionally this only affects those using separate domU/dom0 kernels.
If using a unified kernel the symbols from both files were available in
both domains regardless.



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