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[Xen-ia64-devel] [RFC][PATCH]mini-os: big-endian mini-os on ia64


currently I'am porting the mini-os to ia64. A first version is already in the 
I would like to have a big-endian mini-os running on the ia64 little-endian 
My target is to have only changes in the domU. This requires to swap all the 
domU data the hypervisor/dom0 see und use.
Attached is a patch with a first draft. I use the macro SWAP() to swap the 
right pieces (on x86 of course empty).
Currently netfront is not supported.
With this patch and small changes in the ia64xen hypervisor + loader I'am able 
to run a big andian mini-os on a ia64xen hypervisor.
The patch contains only changes in the common mini-os parts. The ia64 part in 
the tree is already fine with that.
The patches for the hypervisor will come with an extra patch.
Please have a look and send comments or check in if there are no questions.


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