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Re: [Xen-devel] Live migration fails under heavy network use

On 20/2/07 22:38, "Ian Pratt" <m+Ian.Pratt@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> These guests are using rx-flip rather than rx-copy, right?
> This has certainly worked reliably in the past (e.g. 3.0.3), but is now
> getting little testing as current guests use rx-copy by default.
> The freeing in-use page messages may be unrelated to the actual problem
> -- AFAIK that's a relatively new printk that could occur benignly during
> a live migrate of an rx-flip guest.
> Even get_page can fail benignly under certain circumstances during a
> live migrate. It's worth finding out where the actual error in
> xc_linux_save is.

Also, apart from the fact that save/restore *should* still work with
old-style netfront, there are other legitimate reasons for pages to
disappear from a guest's allocation (e.g., running the balloon driver during
save/restore). It might be worth seeing if you can provoke similar xc_save
errors under balloon load.

 -- Keir

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