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[Xen-ia64-devel] Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC][PATCH]mini-os: big-endian mini-os on ia64

Am Dienstag, 20. Februar 2007 20:03 schrieb Grzegorz Milos:
> Would you like to have this applied to mainstream? Personally, I don't
> think it's too useful there. But I'm open to convincing.
Sure, I would like to have this in mainstream.
Then I can download the xen-source, set big-endian flag in ia64 makerules, try 
make and can test the big endian domU ;-) Ok, this was a joke!
Why not have it in the mainstream? Xen is developing very fast. After x86 now 
we have ia64 and ppc. ia64 is able to run big and little endian (and this is 
used in reality - HP-UX for ia64 is big -endian).
And with Gerd Hoffmann's great new domain builder it's an easiness to start a 
big-endian domU on little-endian dom0.
We did some changes to mini-os. Maybe one of the ppc people may port the 
mini-os - more changes may be needed.
I think the SWAP()'s are not that much. Maybe I can reduce this by moving some 
into the ia64-hypercall interface. What remain are the accesses to the ring 
buffers (not that simple in netfront because of the xen-macros).
Perhaps some other guys contribute their opinion.


> Thanks
> Gregor
> Dietmar Hahn wrote:
> > Hi Keir,
> >
> > Am Dienstag, 20. Februar 2007 15:36 schrieb Keir Fraser:
> >> On 20/2/07 14:00, "Dietmar Hahn" <dietmar.hahn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> >>> I would like to have a big-endian mini-os running on the ia64
> >>> little-endian hypervisor.
> >>
> >> What's the motivation for wanting to do this?
> >>
> >>  -- Keir
> >
> > I do some conceptual studies to get our mainframe OS running with xen and
> > ia64. This OS is running big endian, so ...
> > My thoughts were to publish the results - maybe another one can use it.
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Dietmar.

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