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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH][TOOLS]Reducingimpactofdomainsave/restore/dump on Dom0

> > Libxenguest links against libxenctrl: it uses plenty of functions
> from
> > libxenctrl already (xc_domain_getinfo() to name just one example).
> Well, then something else isn't right -- when I first did this, I put
> the routine in xc_private.c and got unresolved externals making
> libxenguest.so... that's the _only_ reason I put it inline in
> xc_private.h...

Well.. now it works -- beats me why it didn't before!

Anyway -- attached is take - um - 4 I think; implementation moved into
xc_linux.c and xc_solaris.c (I chose not to go with the default
implementation using the 'weak' attribute in favour of an explicitly
null version on Solaris). No changes in tools/xcutils. I also removed
the xc_ prefix from the routine to make it clear that it's internal...


Reduce impact of saving/restoring/dumping large domains on Dom0 memory
usage by means of fadvise64() to tell the OS to discard the cache pages
used for the save/dump file.

Signed-off-by: Simon Graham <Simon.Graham@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Attachment: xen-dom0-cache.patch
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