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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 3/4] domain heap allocator changes - remove bit width restrictions

On 26/2/07 13:19, "Chris Lalancette" <clalance@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>     Excuse me if I misunderstood, but I thought these were the patches
> to remove the DMA zone that were alluded to in the other thread about
> booting Xen on large memory machines.  If they are those patches, then I
> don't believe we actually need to limit dom0 memory; since the
> constrcut_dom0() allocation will come out of the single large zone, it
> should Just Work(tm).  If they aren't those patches, then these have
> nothing to do with each other; I apologize for the noise.

I think this whole issue is gone away now that Jan's patches are in the tree
and will be in the 3.0.5 release.

 -- Keir

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