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RE: [Xen-devel] Creating a windows DomU on xen from already operationalwindows



You can use the physical device i.e. your WinXP partition as your VBD. This section of the documentation gives you the syntax you need to use in the configuration file.



PS: Such questions will get more burn if you post on xen-users.


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         I have an already operational windows xp on a machine, on which I have installed xen 3.0.4. Now I want to run that windows xp as DomU on xen.

        What all the configurations I have to make to run that already operational windows on xen.   I have the hardware of Intel VT support. I mean to say that I have to

         Migrate already installed windows into a xen VM. If you have any knowledge please provide me, it will be great help for me.





Praveen Kushwaha  



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