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[Xen-devel] [PATCH][xentrace][HVM] introduce HVM tracing to unify SVM and VMX tracing


this patch introduces HVM tracing: one tracing class for both, SVM and

It adds several new trace events. So we can differentiate between them
in the xentrace formats file and format each event's data items
appropriately. With this patch the xentrace_format output is much more

The previous simple tracing in SVM and VMX is completely replaced.
Unfortunately I could not yet test the VMX part beyond compiling. Any
volunteers? Help is very much appreciated!

Some short notes just to mention: This patch does not break xenmon. I
don't know any other users of xentrace. The manpage for xentrace is
updated. The xentrace command line parameter -e now accepts "hvm". 


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