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Re: [xen-devel] infiniband/quadrics interconnect sharing

> I was wondering if there's any way to share a quadrics/infiniband
> interconnect between dom0 and domUs. I know you can go to the IP layer
> and run IP over both infiniband and quadrics then run the standard
> default network-bridge because its at the IP layer at that point and
> you can do whatever you want. But does anyone know if there's been any
> effort to run at a lower level so that infiniband/quadrics can run
> without the IP layer overhead?

There's an ongoing effort to make this happen.

The Smart IO tree (http://xenbits.xensource.com/ext/xen-smartio.hg) was the 
place where this development was occurring last I heard.   I'm not sure what 
state the code in it is in at the moment.

The goal of the work is to leverage the user-accessible characteristics of 
Infiniband to enable domUs to do data-path operations by direct IO to the 
adaptor, whilst ensuring safety by placing dom0 in charge of privileged 


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