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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] Replace get_domain_by_id() with find_domain_rcu_lock() [2/2]

  These patches replaces invocations to get_domain_by_id()/put_domain()
with the more efficient pair find_domain_rcu_loc()/domain_rcu_unlock(). 
  Most of the current invocations of get_domain_by_id() have local scope
which are safe to be replaced with find_domain_rcu_lock(). There are
only a few places where the get_domain_by_id() was kept due to the
domain reference being kept beyond the current scope.

I decomposed the changes in two patches:
[1/2]: find_domain_rcu_lock_common.patch: changes in arch independent
[2/2]: find_domain_rcu_lock_x86.patch: changes in x86 code
I did not replace get_domain_by_id() for IA64 and PPC archs yet.
I will send a separate patch for these architectures after I have the
chance to generate the patches for them.


Signed-off-by: Jose Renato Santos <jsantos@xxxxxxxxxx>

Attachment: find_domain_rcu_lock_x86.patch
Description: find_domain_rcu_lock_x86.patch

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