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Re: [Xen-devel] GNU Mach Xen port

> I'm glad to announce that I have mostly finished a port of GNU Mach to
> Xen, so that GNU/Hurd/Mach/Xen now works :)

Nice work Samuel!  How long did it take to do the port?  Sounds like you made 
progress rather quickly.

Do you have Hurd booting on Xen?  Do disk / network work yet?  Did you have to 
make any modifications to the userspace servers of the HURD, or did modifying 
Mach prove sufficient?

I've always had an affection for the HURD, so I'd really love to see more 
details!  Will there be a download available from somewhere?

Did you go the route of introducing a multiboot-type format for the domain 


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