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[Xen-devel] question about sedf

I try to understand to the code of scheduler/scheduler-sedf
I am confused about how does scheduler-sedf work I donot know how does the scheduler-sedf related struct be organized and their functions
such as the mean and function of the idle in struct of schedule_data

and what about  the runnableq/waitq in struct of sedf_cpu_info

could you tell me about how does scheduler-sedf related struct be organized to work in general
I look the code but confused

could you help me
Thanks in advance

struct schedule_data {
spinlock_t schedule_lock; /* spinlock protecting curr */ struct vcpu *curr; /* current task */ struct vcpu *idle; /* idle task for this cpu */
   void               *sched_priv;
struct timer s_timer; /* scheduling timer */ unsigned long tick; /* current periodic 'tick' */
} __cacheline_aligned;

struct sedf_cpu_info {
   struct list_head runnableq;
   struct list_head waitq;
   struct list_head extraq[2];
   s_time_t         current_slice_expires;

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