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[Xen-devel] 3w-xxxx module problems with Xen

I'm having a problem with getting Xen up and running. My root partition
is on a RAID array connected to a 3ware board. I've run 2.4.22 through
2.6.18 kernel builds with my root on this same board with no problem.

However, when trying to boot into Xen (as dom0), I get the following
error at boot time:

3w-xxxx: Failed to get io address.

The module is loaded, but my card never gets recognized and no drives
show up. As a result, the boot fails. I've tried using the Debian-built
Xen kernels for 2.6.17 and 2.6.18 for both amd64 and i686 with no luck.

I tried downloading the 3.0.3 and 3.0.4 tarballs (64-bit) from xensource
and had the exact same problem at bootup.

I've tried building 3.0.3 from source, and still the same problem.

I found an old (2004) post on xen-devel regarding some 3ware card
problems which mentioned some different boot options to try:

ignorebiostables, noacpi, nosmp, acpi=off, pci=noacpi

I've tried them all with no luck. I really don't know what else to check
or where else to look. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Alex Malinovich
Support Free Software, delete your Windows partition TODAY!
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pgp.net keyservers. Key ID: A6D24837

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