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Re: [Xen-devel] 3w-xxxx module problems with Xen

>Attached are the dmesg and lspci -vvv outputs from two different boots.
>The first is my native AMD64 system booting to the RAID root partition
>using kernel 2.6.18. (files: dmesg-amd64-native and lspci-amd64-native)

These show that you have more severe problems with your system than
not being able to run Xen.

The particular problem here is resulting from XenoLinux forcing the scan
of all functions of a given device, regardless of whether function 0 declares
the device as multi-function. There's nothing wrong with this, not doing the
full scan is merely an optimization the native kernel makes use of. The
result is that under Xen the kernel identifies a different bus topology as
some of the incorrectly found devices appear to be bridges (native luckily
just finds a single device that looks like a bridge, and this doesn't confuse
it too much).

(Keir, is this scan-all-functions approach really necessary? Couldn't this
be done this way just on domU-s?)

So, your primary goal will be to make native Linux boot without any PCI
related error messages, once you have that Xen will pretty certainly also
come up fine. This very likely requires firmware and/or hardware updates.


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