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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] add domain creation/shutdown script execution support.

> > I'm really glad you've taken the initiative on this, it has the potential
> > to give us some very powerful functionality quite cheaply.
>   I will endeavor to find some free time over the weekend to have a
>  play with the xenstored code, and see if I can watch events from it.
>  No promises at all, but if I get anywhere I'll post an update.
>   Right now I can use "xenstore-ls" to get a snapshot, and I guess
>  I could do that every five seconds or so to be able to detect newly
>  created domains, and existing ones which have been shutdown.
>  That's not ideal, but for a first pass should let me get something
> working.

Should be interesting for prototyping, yes!

>   Downside is I'd probably have to write the daemon in python to
>  get it into the core, right?

Not necessarily; there is a C interface to Xenstore and some of the other code 
(e.g. I think the console daemon) is written in C.  Xend is mostly Python but 
if you can cleanly code as a separate daemon then Python isn't strictly 


> > There's some information on it in the Wiki.  Essentially it gives you a
> > hierarchical namespace describing the state of the management tools and
> > the domains running.  This namespace is populated by (largely)
> > human-readable name=value pairs.
>   Great.
> > I'll continue thinking about how best to accomplish it in the meantime...
> >
>   :)
> >
> > It'll be interesting to see where we can go with this...
>   Agreed.
> Steve

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