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Re: [Xen-devel] mini-os: C programming

Keir Fraser a écrit :
On 15/3/07 13:39, "PUCCETTI Armand" <armand.puccetti@xxxxxx> wrote:

extern char *stack;

Yes, this one is bogus.

2. In file xen-3.0.3/extras/mini-os/gnttab.c:140: the const variable
is declared as

static const char *gnttabop_error_msgs[] = GNTTABOP_error_msgs;

shouldn't that instead be declared:

static const char * const gnttabop_error_msgs[] = GNTTABOP_error_msgs;

It doesn't really matter, does it? Personally I hate scattering 'const' all
over the place.

 -- Keir

It doesn't cause any crash probably, but according to the semantics that you
wish gnttabop_error_msgs to have, all pointers of this array _should_ be constant
(I guess you're not going to change the error messages dynamically)
and not only the strings refered by these pointers. The type of both declarations
is given by cdecl:

$ cdecl
char * const gnttabop_error_msgs[] ;
declare gnttabop_error_msgs as array of const pointer to char;

const char * gnttabop_error_msgs[];
declare gnttabop_error_msgs as array of pointer to const char;

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