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Re: [Xen-devel] Guest page table dumping

Hi Travis,

At 14:46 -0400 on 16 Mar (1174056385), Travis Johnson wrote:
> I've
> got the skeleton domctl working but the trouble is I don't know exactly how
> I should transform the guests view of the CR3 address in order for
> map_domain_page() to be happy.

Have a read through sh_update_cr3(); near the top it calls
hvm_get_guest_ctrl_reg(v, 3) to read the guest's CR3 and translates it
to a guest frame-number and then to a machine frame-number (suitable for

> Is cpu_cr3 the correct cr3 to use to get at the level 4 guest page table?

Yes, though calling hvm_get_guest_ctrl_reg() would be cleaner.
> Would it be easier to dump the shadow representation of the l4 page table?

You can get that at v->arch.shadow_table[0] for 64bit guests.

There's also some code in svm.c for dumping page tables, but it may have



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