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RE: [Xen-devel] Does Dom0 always get interrupts first before they aredelivered to other guest domains?

>From: Liang Yang
>Sent: 2007年3月21日 9:23
>Now my first question comes up: if I 'm running both para-virtualized and
>full-virtualized domain on single CPU (I think Xen hypervisor will set up
>the exception bitmap for CLTS instruction for HVM domain). Then Xen
>hypervisor will be confused and does not know how to handle it when
>CLTS in ring 1.

Whenever Xen hypervisor is running, there's always a current vcpu 
context from which Xen can easily know whether current domain is 
para-virtualized or not.

Para-virtualized and HVM guest has different entry point for the 
above CLTS example. For para-virtualized guest, it's the GP fault 
handler of Xen to be invoked at the point. For HVM guest, it's the 
VM-EXIT handler to be invoked with detail reason. When running 
within guest, hardware knows whether running environment is with 
hardware virtualization assist or not, and then can decide which path 
to enter when fault happens.


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