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[Xen-devel] Please apply unstable changeset 14220 to 3.0.4...

I have just spent half a day at Sun debugging a 3.0.4 boot problem,
which turns out to be fixed by unstable changeset 14220 (but I only
discovered that after I had figured out what the "fix" was). 

Attached is a copy of "hg export 14220", which applies cleanly to 3.0.4

I don't think I need a "signed off" on this, as it's a patch by Keir

This only happens on machines with more than one socket and that has a
"SLIT" entry in the ACPI tables. 

[As a side-note, I think the macro __va() shoud check that the physical
address is in the valid range to work - in debug mode at least.]


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