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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: NUMA and SMP

Thank you for reply

that is ,in the smp with adm64,it is a numa in the hardware architecture,while a smp in the system software,is it right?

i believe you mean the right thing. it remains a regular smp
architecture. system software remains smp.

in the linux ,a one node (struct pglist_data) has many zone(struct zone_struct),a zone has many page(struct page),is it right? in the smp with adm64 with the hardware of numa, its linux is a smp os ,then there is only one node (struct pglist_data) in the os when running or there are as many nodes as cpus in the system, does linux smp support two or more nodes when running? or in this case linux support numa feature?

I am confused

could you help me
Thanks in advance


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