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[Xen-devel] memsize for HVM save/restore

As you know, HVM save/restore broke recently because restored config miss guest 
memsize that used by xc_hvm_restore to locate some pfn.

After discussion, we decided to remove the pfn deduction logic from restore 
by adding a general memory layout. I have a patch for it.

But then qemu broke, because it also require the memsize to locate the share 
page. We can't use the previous method, as it requires a lot of changes in qemu.

The memsize in xmconfig file is only used at the beginning of create, then
lost when runing and restore. we have memory_{dynamic,static}_{max,min} for 
keeping mem config, but all of them are useless in this case.

I have witnessed the fluctuation of memsize config: first as 'memory', then 
'memory_static_min', now disappear. 

Guest memsize is an important parameter, so it should be constantly kept in an 
fixed config entry just like others(vcpus...). Am I right?

best rgds,

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