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Re: [Xen-devel] Question on shadow_invlpg return value handling.

At 15:49 +0530 on 27 Mar (1175010562), jeet wrote:
> If on VM entry TLB is flushed why we are handling instruction "invlpg" in xen
> can't this be done by doing VMexit and VM entry as this would do flushing of 
> TLB?

Yes, for now that's true.  When the tagged TLB comes back it won't be;
and after 3.0.5 we might be doing some more optimizations that will need
to hook off the paging_invlpg call.

> Is this TLB flush done due to loading of guest state (mov to cr3)?
> or 
> Is TLB flush on VM entry hardware feature or is implemented in Xen ?


You should really read volume 2 section 15 of the AMD manual, and volume
3a chapters 19-27 of the Intel manuals.


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