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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: NUMA and SMP

* tgh <tianguanhua@xxxxxxxxxx> [2007-03-27 20:51]:
> hi
> xen does not support numa-aware guest linux, is it right?

You can have NUMA enabled in your guest, but Xen does not export
something like a virtual SRAT table that your NUMA-aware guest could use
to determine if its memory and cpu were in two different nodes.

> and there are memory-hotplug.c and migration.c in the linux2.6.20, does 
> it means that linux could support the hotplug memory or not ?

I don't know the current state of memory hotplug in Linux.

> if it could ,does linux have to be numa-aware to support memory hotplug 

I don't believe supporting memory hotplug is related to NUMA.

> or a smp linux could support memory hotplug?

SMP linux isn't related to memory hotplug either.  

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IBM Corp., Austin, Tx
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