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Re: [Xen-devel] making changes to agp code?

>>> Keir Fraser <Keir.Fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 28.03.07 17:43 >>>
>On 28/3/07 16:21, "Langsdorf, Mark" <mark.langsdorf@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I was playing with that box yesterday, and I discovered
>> that Xen allocates guest virtual memory over the AGP
>> aperture if dom0 memory is greater than 4G, even though
>> the e820 map says it shouldn't.  I didn't have a lot of
>> spare cycles yesterday to deal with the implications of
>> that, and maybe it can be safely ignored.  Any thoughts?
>What exactly do you mean? That we allocate pages from the physical address
>range that includes the AGP aperture, even though this range is not marked
>as RAM in the e820 map? That would be a very bad bug.

I think he's seeing PFNs used that match the MFNs of the aperture,
which is exactly the bug I was referring to in my first reply - by
switching the whole thing to use e820_any_mapped(), this problem
would be gone. Otherwise, #idef CONFIG_XEN code will be needed
in there.


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