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Re: [Xen-devel] Mini-OS Makefile and Cross Compilation

The command in my previous post should have been:

$ make CROSS_COMPILE=$HOME/opt/i386-elf/bin/i386-elf- TARGET_ARCH=x86_32

not this:

$ make CROSS_COMPILE=$HOME/opt/i386-elf/i386-elf/bin/ TARGET_ARCH=x86_32

This should allow the makefile to find the correct version of objcopy.

Keir Fraser <Keir.Fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I doubt anyone has ever cross-compiled the minios. I'd suggest
> making its build system more like Xen's in terms of how it picks up
> the tool chain (Xen can be cross compiled). I have no specific
> pointers on how to do that.

Last summer, I cross-compiled a 32-bit minios for 32-bit Xen so that I
could build an application in the Lua scripting language.  The
interpreter required a C library, so I used newlib.

On a 32-bit machine, I can still build Mini-OS with a cross compiler

$ make CROSS_COMPILE=$HOME/opt/cross/bin/i386-elf-

The problem seems to be when specifying a different target
architecture.  I also can no longer build a minios library to link
with the application, I'm not worried about that now.

By the way, the latest version of newlib, 1.15.0, no longer needs to
be patched for use with Mini-OS.


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