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[Xen-devel] IO emulation for HVM guest.


           Since the for HVM guest(full virtualization) , the emulated version of the all the IO devices are resides in dom0.

           Whenever HVM guest needs to access IO, VMExit happens(transition from guest to VMM). And from the VMM request goes to dom0, where emulated version of the IO device serves the request.


1. So the my question is that I want to put some hooks in the dom0, to capture the request. Is it possible to put hooks in dom0 for IO request from HVM guest?  

2. As per my knowledge there is qemu-dm which provides the emulated version of IO devices. Therefore What exactly the code I should look in xen for qemu-dm which handles the IO request?

3. what is the role of device channels in communication of IO from HVM guest?




Praveen Kushwaha




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