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[Xen-devel] Should Qemu monitor be enabled by default

Hi Christian,

We noticed you removed the Qemu's default monitor & serial console in changeset 
14609. As we didn't use qemu serial console frequently and also has "xm 
console", it can be removed. But for qemu monitor, I think we'd better to keep 
it by default, it is because it has become the important function of HVM.

1. We have to use monitor to switch CD-ROM files. This is significant when 
installation with multi CDs.
2. We need to use monitor to send the short combined keys to HVM (e.g. 
ctrl-alt-delete, ctrl-alt-f2 etc.). This is a "couldn't dropped" feature of 
HVM. :)

So, how about adding it back? 

Best Regards,
Yongkang (Kangkang) 永康

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