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Re: [Xen-devel] Should Qemu monitor be enabled by default

Hi all.

On our team side, we would like to resuem the Qemu's monitor and         
serial console as YongKang-san remarks.

For HVM domain, we need Qemu's monitor to install guest's OS from      
multi CDs.

We not make sure that xm block-configure supports to switch CD-ROMs
using latest unstable code.

We would like to keep the Qemu's monitor and serial console until
xm block-configure works well.

Thank you.                                      Nishi

>On 4/10/07, You, Yongkang <yongkang.you@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> We noticed you removed the Qemu's default monitor & serial console in 
>> changeset 14609. As we didn't use qemu serial console frequently and also
>>  has "xm console", it can be removed. But for qemu monitor, I think we'd 
>> better to keep it by default, it is because it has become the important 
>> function of HVM.
>> 1. We have to use monitor to switch CD-ROM files. This is significant 
>> when installation with multi CDs.
>> 2. We need to use monitor to send the short combined keys to HVM (e.g. 
>> ctrl-alt-delete, ctrl-alt-f2 etc.). This is a "couldn't dropped" feature 
>> of HVM. :)
>> So, how about adding it back?
>Well, we can't change the default back, because that would not be secure.
>There's xm block-configure which lets you switch CD-ROM files.
>And there's a few things which could be done to further improve things:
>- plumb through the monitor option to the domain config file and the
>xend config file
>- fix xm console so it can connect to the monitor pty
>- add an xm send-key command
>   christian
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