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[Xen-devel] xc_map_foreign_range with mfn?

I am using Xen 3.0.4 vmx (on Intel VT).

I need to map in a foreign page, given its mfn (not gpfn), into dom0. I used to do this quite well with Xen 3.0.2. However, when I ported my code to Xen 3.0.4, things seem to have changed.

Does xc_map_foreign_range accept an mfn or a gpfn as its argument? It seems to be accepting gpfn in 3.0.4. Is that true? If so, can anyone please suggest a way for me to map in a foreign page, given its mfn, on to dom0?

The reason I need to be able to do this is that I have allocated some machine pages inside Xen (through a new dom0 op hypercall that I added), that are supposed to be unknown to the guest (for transparency reasons), and hence do not have gpfn's in the guest mapping to them.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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