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Re: [Xen-devel] Data broken during FTP test

On 18/4/07 11:57, "Kasai Takanori" <kasai.takanori@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> However, this problem doesn't happen because of the change in the setting.
> 1. SG(scatter/gather) flag off
> 2. 'mem=1G' is set as a boot parameter, and SG(scatter/gather) flag on.

This might indicate a high-memory bug in the net driver(s). The TCP re-send
theory makes no sense -- the decision to re-send is always made by the TCP
protocol stack in the domU. dom0 itself will never decide to re-send.

How much memory does your test system have? Are you running 64-bit Xen, PAE
Xen, or non-PAE 32-bit Xen?

 -- Keir

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