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Re: [Xen-devel] Thread in hypervisor

> I would like to run some tasks in context of hypervisor.
> I saw some suggested to use timer but timer function seems to run in
> context of a domain which is currently running.
> What I want is something like kernel thread in hypervisor,( hypervisor
> thread :-) ).

Xen's traditionally been event-driven, but I think there's a feeling that 
hypervisor threads may happen at some point.  I don't know what the details 
are though.  (side note: IIRC, there was a load balancer design that used the 
idle domain as a "hypervisor thread" - maybe you could hack something in 

The other possibility, I guess, is that depending on what you want to do you 
might be able to add a hypercall interface so that the "thread context" can 
be a kernel / user thread in dom0.


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