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Re: [Xen-devel] PV drivers for HVM guest

After some more hacking, if I were to use the irqline information available in 
the pci config space for this device, both in establishing the handler  for 
this device (request_irq()) as well as in registering the callback irq 
(set_callback_irq()) things seem to work.


K. Y

>>> On Fri, Apr 27, 2007 at  3:12 PM, in message 
>>> <4632028C.E57C.0030.0@xxxxxxxxxx>,
"Ky Srinivasan" <ksrinivasan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> In platform_pci.c we register the IRQ that the hypervisor should use to 
> notify the guest in response to event channel notifications.  In cases where 
> the mapping between irq and vectors are not one to one, I am not sure how 
> this can work. For instance, on a  RHEL 4 installation (with acpi turned on)  
> I am looking at, the irq assigned to the platform- pci device is 185! 
> Consequently the set_callback_irq() fails since the number passed down 
> exceeds the number of pins being emulated. Any insight will be greatly 
> appreciated.
> Regards,
> K. Y
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