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Re: [Xen-devel] Can VMWare modules run alongside in XEN kernel?

>The VMware modules really both need a) to run in ring0 (satisfied by your
>suggestion) and to b) be supported by a full host Linux kernel.
>Unfortunately, with Linux running in ring 1, whatever you do you are not
>going to be able to satisfy both of these :-(

1. I am not sure what is missing in the Xen hypervisor which will be needed
by a running VMware module.   But I think it can be specifically patched for
Vmware.   So theoretically it should be possible to run multiple emulator
(for robustness) like VirtualPC, VMWare, Xen all alongside one another.
What is needed is just another hyper-hypervisor to manage these multiple

2. As for Linux running in Ring1 running a VMware module, I hope it could be
done in future.   What is missing in the current XEN hypervisor that forbids
the guest Linux from running VMware?   Logic is that in software anything
can be done (ie, if hardware is the limitation, then simulate the hardware).
Eg, Look at Joanna's New Blue Pill implementation -
http://bluepillproject.org/ where nested hypervisor is supported.

Thanks :-).

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