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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/5] xc_core: clean up and optimization

This patch series is for clean up/optimization of xm dump-core.
The patch 2 optimizes page write out accoding to Keir's advise.
Patch 5 is just FYI. It should be send to xen-ia64-devel.

This patch series triggers the crash utilities bug.
I'll send the patch out separetly.

[PATCH 1/5] xc_core : clean up of xc_core.c
[PATCH 2/5] xc_core : Optimize xc_core.c
[PATCH 3/5] xc_core : introduce xc_core_arch_gpfn_may_present() hook
[PATCH 4/5] xc_core : documentation update
[PATCH 5/5] xc_core : ia64 xc_core_arch_gpfn_may_present()


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