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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] 1/2: cpufreq/PowerNow! in Xen: Time and platform changes

Keir Fraser wrote:

Personally I'm a fan of doing it in dom0 userspace, although doing it within
Xen can also be argued for. Doing it in dom0 kernel doesn't seem very
attractive apart from the obvious pragmatic advantage that all the code is
already in the Linux kernel. :-)

Code duplication is bad.  It is the reason why Xen
will (hopefully) go away in the long run.  Please do
not propagate this horrible idea that all code should
be copied around and have obsolete versions maintained

The dom0 kernel is where the code already lives, so
that code should be used.

Politics is the struggle between those who want to make their country
the best in the world, and those who believe it already is.  Each group
calls the other unpatriotic.

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