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[Xen-devel] libxen domain creation


I am making a first pass at using the C bindings of the Xen-API for a test application, and am running into some confusion on the proper use of the API.

I am modeling some of my development around the test code in tools/libxen/test/test_bindings.c However, some things are not clear to me, and the API documentation seems to be more of a function reference, than documenting the intended usage of the functions I am interested in. Hopefully, this list can help in this regard.

During domain creation, an ultimate goal is to pair a physical drive, or file with the domain being created. If we know our configuration going into domain creation (as we should) such that the backend is, say /dev/sda1 and we want this to ultimately be visible as /dev/hda on the guest - how would I go about this?

I can see that the relationship in the API is such that
a host contains PBD's (Phys. Bock Devs)
PBD's contain SR's (Storage Repos)
SR's contain VDI's ((Virtual Disk Image)
and the VDI is what the VM ultimately sees as its disk.

Should I be looking up all PBD's from the host, and comparing it's name with my config value? What is the proper relationship between the "/dev/sda1" and PBDs?

Any and all help to clear up this confusion would be appreciated.


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