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[Xen-ia64-devel] Re: [Xen-devel] xend "sysctl operation failed"

Keir Fraser wrote:  [Wed Nov 07 2007, 11:31:35AM EST]
> On 7/11/07 16:02, "Aron Griffis" <aron@xxxxxx> wrote:
> >> You need to reinstall the tools.
> > 
> > I have, multiple times, including "make uninstall" first.
> > 
> > What are you anticipating that a tools re-install will fix?
> The sysctl is almost certainly failing because of a interface version
> mismatch. Could you be building the tools and Xen against different versions
> of the public sysctl.h header file?

Yeah, I think that's it.  I'm building on one system, then tar/untar
to the test system to do the final "make install-tools"

Maybe it's rebuilding something it doesn't need to?  I'd probably
rather fix that than worry about keeping the userlands in perfect
sync, unless this is going to crop up at runtime regardless.


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